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Here's me takin a poop.

So If anybody actually looks at this stuff...

Since 2000 and 2 bitches

2010-05-30 12:47:09 by xnolox

Thats right, 2000 and fucking 2 i've known about newgrounds. Thats 12 years old. I watched the powerpuff girls get boned by a big purple monster on this shit. I've been a kid with a chainsaw cutting my way to the big cheese just to spill his guts. I've narrowed the valley's of franks adventure, pico and I have saved his school. Google my name bitches I have pages of me everywhere.

Yeah bitches, I'm a blood. whats really good. Sure I didn't spell blood with my fingers, but that was a cleverly thought out plan and with a little help from sailor jerry to make you think that in fact I am not a blood. Pretty Clever, huh? Yeah, Just call me L.

::: Update ::: Damn, just looking at that picture. Doesn't that chick have huge tits? I bet they're really nice outside of that shirt. I hope those nipples aren't huge though. That's one thing I could never fux with. Huge nipples. If you have giant pieces of pepperoni on your chest then sorry ladies. but this chick right here. naaaaa I Be fuxin wid iiiiiit!

Since 2000 and 2 bitches

I want to experiment

2010-05-30 12:19:23 by xnolox

I'm going to use HTML code on this and try and insert a picture. Begin!

The following picture should be me, with a slightly disgruntled face I might add, taking a shit.

<img src=" s/t50/nfactor411/l_d3a59296f999498598a 79cc45061fb51.jpg" border="0" alt="Photobucket">

if you see no picture then I know this experiment failed.

::: Update :::

I decided to just stick with this "include picture" option. It just seemed too fucking easy. Communist Bastards...

And I already took my shit sooo. Here is a picture of me smacking a snare drum with my cock.

I want to experiment